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DTG Direct to Garment Printing



Inkjet Direct to Garment Printing

This method of decorating garments is relatively new.

When used on white and light coloured garments the dies enter into the fibres of the fabric, given the printed area the same feel as the fabric.

There is some loss of colour in the first wash. As the fibres of the garment have a capillary action this causes a slight blurring of the image.

The inkjet printer uses four process colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to create the illusion of thousands of colours on garments or paper. Photocopiers and laser printers use the same four colours, because of this both systems have difficulty in replicating some colours.

When used on dark coloured garments a fixer is sprayed onto the garment which acts as a glue for the white ink that is printed before the four process inks. The white ink acts as a substrate for the process inks to be printed. There is no noticeable loss of colour after washing but the overall feel of the print is similar to screen printed plastisol inks.

Inkjet Direct to Garment Prints were originally guaranteed to last for 20 odd washes.


Laser printers and photocopiers print direct to a solid substrate ‘transfer paper’ which holds the 600dpi dot in place when it is transferred to the garment.

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