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Laser Printer/Photocopier Transfers

One of the relatively oldest transfer methods of decorating garments is laser printer/photocopier transfers. The toner from the laser printer is heat sealed onto a special substrate ‘Laser transfer paper’. This paper has a transparent substrate that holds the coloured toner that is laser printed onto it. The transfer paper is then placed onto the garment. Heat and pressure is applied to transfer the transparent substrate from the paper to the garment.

Pros: Laser printer/photocopier transfers are great for one off events, such as Hen Nights, one day advertising events or photo shoots etc.

We use the WOW transfer system which does not use a clear or transparent substrate. The end effect is similar to a screen printed image and doesn’t suffer from the Cons listed below.

The WOW system is more expensive than the standard laser printed transfer which can cost no more than £0.50p to produce.

Cons: In our opinion they should not be used if garments are for retail, or long term use.

The drawback is the clear background which is caused by the special transfer paper used to create the transfer. Over time the clear background can become darker as dirt gets trapped in the fibres behind the transfer. This causes the image and the clear background to darken.

Not all laser or photocopy transfer systems leave a clear background but can be cost prohibitive for larger garment decorating runs.

The cost of laser transfers stay the same regardless of the quantity of shirts decorated making them more expensive as the number of garments decorated increases.

Laser Printer/Photocopier Transfers use four colours of toner to create thousands of colours in a print. They have a problem with recreating some colours such as metallic colours, florescent, greys, and pantone spot colours. 


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