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Vinyl Cut-out


Vinyl Cut-out or to use its other name ‘sticky backed plastic’ started out just being used for the making of signage and the livery on vehicles. Over time it has developed into another method of decorating garments. This system does not leave a transparent background to the logo.

Pros: Strong spot colours with sharp edges and colours. In our opinion Vinyl Cut-out works best on woven fabrics, such as Raincoats, Hi-Viz jackets Sailcloth or any tightly woven fabric.

Cons: Vinyl Cut-out is only available in solid colours or pre-printed patterns. Vinyl Cut-out cannot be used for tones or logos with gradations of colours; which screen printing and the other transfer systems can. Vinyl Cut-out is prone to splitting over time where there are sharp angles. This happens when Vinyl Cut-out is used on jersey-knitted fabrics, such as T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. This is because Jersey-Knit fabrics flex and stretch in three directions and a combination of all three. Woven fabrics flex in one direction and do not stretch.

Vinyl Cut-out adheres to the surface of the fabric it is applied to and does not key into the fibres of a fabric