Our Methods

Organic & Ethical Printing

Apple Screenpint has always been environmentally conscious and it is because of this that we do not differentiate between printing methods; we recycle all chemicals used in the printing process and use the most environmentally friendly products available.

Screen Printing

All screen stencils used are biodegradable, inks are none heavy metal and are cleaned off the screens using a chemical recycling unit.

Plastisol v Dye inks for Screen Printing

We use plastisol inks when printing onto garments, they are in our opinion the most environmentally friendly. Plastisols inks are heat cured not air dried but still have advantages for the environment over air drying inks. They do not have solvent in them to accelerate the evaporation and fixing process, they also, unlike air drying inks do not dry on the screen which can cause screen blockage resulting in the use of more solvents to unblock screens. Plastisol inks have to be cured using an IR electric or gas dryer to fix the ink. Dye inks can be air dried but because of the cost of time and space it would be uneconomical to let hundreds or thousands of garments air dry for days. It is because of this, garments either printed with air drying inks or plastisol inks are all ran through an IR drying unit.

Discharge Inks

Discharge printing inks also have an environmental impact because they use bleach to work. This means that after printing, all garments have to be washed, dried and pressed before they reach the customer or alternatively the garment has be to washed after purchase by the customer before it is worn to avoid skin contact with bleach. Discharge ink has a significant impact on the environment simply because of the increased amount of bleach and washing detergents used.

Screen printed and toner digitally made transfers

All transfer systems used to decorate garments produce waste paper some of which is not recyclable. The transfer system does cut out making screens and the need for wash up but requires heat to fix them to the garment.

Apple Screenprint – chosen printing methods

Apple Screenprint has always been aware that pollution ultimately effects all life through damage to the environment, even before the current legal directives concerning what chemical discharge was permissible we still chose to avoid polluting the environment and will always do so.