Printable Areas

Printable Areas

The printable area on garments changes because of the length of the sleeves, pockets, zips, hoods and size of garments. We also have a maximum print area of approximately A3 12″ x 16″ the maximum print area can be any where on the body of the garments but we cannot print any larger than A3. If you want an area at the bottom of the shirt as well as at the top of the garment this will be considered as separate print areas therefore incurring two print charges.

Sleeves for t-shirts have a maximum print area of 4″ wide, the length of printable area changes due to type of garment.

Long sleeved garments have a maximum print area of 4″ wide and 15″ length but this will change with the size of the garment and length of sleeve.

Polo shirts have an interrupted print area on the front because of the placket, where the buttons are, this means that there are two areas either side of the placket and one area below the placket.

The printable area on the front of a hooded sweatshirt is smaller because of the pockets, this can change because of the size of the garments. Hooded sweatshirts with zips can be printed on the front with the maximum print area but the print will be affected by the presence of the zip, the alternative is to print two print areas leaving a gap for the zip; this would be classed as one printable area.